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Managing Editor

Bi-annual magazine showcasing the

mountain-town lifestyle

As managing editor I put together the storyboard, assign, write, edit, and manage a team of writers and photographers.

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Associate Editor

Bi-annual publication covering local personalities, activities, and lifestyle

As assistant editor I am in charge of copyediting and fact checking the magazine before going to print.



Copyeditor / Developmental Editor

Book publisher of more than 1,500 titles by leading teachers and visionaries

I have worked on books by renowned thought leaders like Seane CornFleet Maull, and Sarah Blondin. I'm hired to copyedit the manuscript or work with the editor and author on big-picture edits.

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Developmental Editor

Personalized editorial services

I work with the author and book editor to provide big-picture edits before the book goes to print.


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Travel website


I copyedited and fact checked

travel articles on a contract basis.


Freelance Copyeditor

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Lifestyle website

I remotely managed a team of 8 writers, increased my vertical's monthly users from 2 million to 9 million, and grew reader engagement by 1.5 pages.

Senior Editor

Associate Editor



Film festival

I managed all written content for the festival. 

I wrote film synopses, managed a team of 8 writers, copy edited all content, and worked with the press to promote the event.

Content Manager